In January 2021, America’s presidential administration changed hands. Donald Trump was replaced by Joe Biden, and the world as we knew it drew a collective breath to see what would happen.

Fortunately, there was little fanfare.

The inauguration went off without a hitch, and things went back to normal- as is often the case in America.

It’s still much too early to tell what will come of the stock market and economy as a whole now that a new president’s taken the reins, but we’ve got enough historical context to give us an idea of what to expect.

Here’s our…

When Facebook announced the Libra coin some years ago, it was a lot different than it is now. At the time, there was one engineer working on it. Now, there’s more than 50.

Then, it was intended to be one stablecoin backed by a basket of currencies– not unlike the old European Currency Unit. Now, it will be a collection of several stablecoins tied to individual currencies.

Then, of course, it was also called Libra. Now it’s called Diem.

What’s all this mean for you, your investment, and your wallet? The changes and progressions of a coin created by the…

When it comes to Christmas cheer, there’s nothing like a gift that keeps on giving. At BitLeague, our term deposit plans are the perfect idea for the friend, colleague, or family member that’s serious about investing, building wealth, or setting aside a nest egg for a rainy day. Plus, with options ranging from 3 months to 36 months, we’re the only platform that has something for everyone– even those just starting out. 🎁

Invest any amount of bitcoin into any plan, and earn up to 9% in guaranteed interest by the end of the plan. It’s that easy!

Of course…

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When it comes to investing opportunity, there’s very few channels that are more valuable than bitcoin. When understood, even investors with less capital can enjoy huge, consistent gains by investing in a currency that’s grown to thousands of USD in value in just a few short years.

Understanding bitcoin rates, fluctuations, and trends is a fundamental part of understanding how bitcoin works, and making smart investments with the currency. The good news is that there’s no secret formula or hard to follow process for understanding this kind of stuff. …

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As bitcoin grows more and more popular, so, too, does the many ways it can be purchased. Most bitcoin exchange platforms worth their salt have been offering wire transfer and debit card payment methods for purchasing BTC, but there are several that are now accepting credit cards as well.

Deciding whether it’s worth it to connect your credit card to your favorite exchange platform depends on how well you know best practices for buying BTC with a credit card. …

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Since its inception over a decade ago, cryptocurrency– and bitcoin in particular– has taken the world by storm. Reaching peak prices of almost $20,000 USD at one point, bitcoin is currently the most popular and well known of all current cryptocurrencies, and as adoption rates continue to increase, that popularity likely will as well.

A comparatively new player to the market, bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency born out of a hard fork in traditional bitcoin viewpoints. Founded by bitcoin enthusiasts that were concerned about traditional bitcoin’s processing capabilities and ability to scale long term, bitcoin cash offers quicker processing times…

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We’ve never wanted to be that sort of company that says things arbitrarily, and just expects folks to believe it.

Lot of companies are like that, and it’s pretty annoying. You shouldn’t be able to say you’re the best at X or have the most sought after product in Y without sharing those measurements.

Here at BitLeague, we’ve established ourselves as the best choice for bitcoin trading, and we know just how bold of a statement that is. We believe there are certain features every crypto trading platform needs to have in order to call itself one of the best…

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All bitcoin exchanges aren’t created equal.

It’s something we say a lot– and we mean it. When we started BitLeague years ago, it was because the bitcoin marketplace was missing something. Sure, bitcoin was created for the people, by the people– but so many big name platforms had started to cut into that mantra by taking for themselves. They offered loan services at exorbitant costs. They charged fees to exchange BTC. And they required users to accept fine print charges for no reason other than because there was no other option.

BitLeague was founded as the people’s ideal bitcoin platform…

When it comes to bitcoin, the system is only as good as its users. Since its introduction several years ago, bitcoin has been the gold standard (no pun intended) for decentralized currencies– and its popularity as an alternative for international fiat currencies has only grown.

So, what makes bitcoin go?

After bitcoin technology, bitcoin mining machines are among the most important components of the bitcoin currency system. In short, mining machines verify transactions and earn rewards in the form of bitcoin. …

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As cryptocurrency has grown in popularity over the past few years, it has become a more and more attractive option for savvy investors interested in big returns. Because of its relative newness and its primary differentiators– decentralization and deregulation– there’s huge potential for cryptocurrency to become the preferred method for financial transactions sooner rather than later. However, just like all financial vehicles, it’s important to understand cryptocurrency before diving in headfirst. …


Offering zero commission trading, 9% returns, and the market’s lowest loan rates, we’ve redefined bitcoin banking for good.

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